Festivities Begin with Barriers

Celebrations for the Vietnamese-Chinese New Year have begun in full force with the season initiated by the Victoria Street Lunar Festival, Richmond. With a multitude of food vendors, performers and market stalls on offer from Hoddle Street to Church Street, crowds rallied and shared in the excitement of the first festive instalment for the year of the Pig.

While crowds congregated in the street and actively participated in all the day had to offer, extensive security and risk management planning was being put in to action. While as necessary for festivals of this variety, security was placed throughout the site to maintain order. Meanwhile, 12 Archer 1200 barriers were strategically positioned at the main closure points to protect attendees from breach by dangerous vehicles.

With stalls and other attractions the event had to offer positioned a significant distance from the streets closure points, the barriers were placed somewhat inconspicuously at each end. An Archer 1200 barrier weighs an impressive 400kg and is ready to protect once locked into place. Accessories and strategic placement of the barriers can also allow for emergency vehicle access. The tested and PAS 68 certified Modular design of the Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barrier means environmental factors can be taken into consideration to allow a suitable deployment.

Globally we have continued to see an increase in vehicles used as improvised weapons targeting crowds with devastating results. Two vehicle attacks took place during New Year’s celebrations over the 31st of December 2018 to the 1st of January 2019 reminding us that we must always remain vigilant.


While organisers are aware of the threat of vehicles driven by those intent on causing harm, we must also consider the fact that accidental misconduct can result in a vehicle entering a secured zone. Be that someone mistaking the accelerator for the brake, or a driver not realising their vehicle has veered off track due to a moments distraction, vehicle barriers are a sure way to keep the public safe.

To discuss your mitigation needs or for a free no-obligation quote or assessment, please contact Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email us at events@amlrisk.com.au. For more information please visit our website – www.amlrisk.com.au.

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