Back to Where We Began – Archer 1200 Marks One Year Anniversary

22 Archer 1200 Anti-Vehicle barriers have once again been strategically placed along the borders of the South Melbourne Markets Mussel and Jazz Festival. Over the Labour Day weekend, the barriers secured the event which saw an array of chefs and jazz artists assembled on Cecil Street, providing two days of entertainment and seafood with no shortage of variety.

In 2018 the initial fleet of 18 Archer 1200 barriers reached Australian shores. Within 48 hours of arriving in Australia the barriers were deployed for the first time at the South Melbourne Markets 2018 Mussel and Jazz festival. The deployment of the barriers at the 2019 event marks the one year anniversary of their arrival.


Over the past 12 months the number of barriers available in Australia has grown from just 18 to 40 with preparations underway to continue this increase. Organisers and stakeholders spend months creating in-depth plans for the safety of their respective event or location which now factor in the risk of a vehicle breach, causing a demand for an increase of the portable vehicle barriers. With changing circumstances world-wide, securing the safety of patrons, staff and vendors through the use of anti-vehicle barriers has rapidly become a high priority.

Since AML Risk Management began deploying anti-vehicle barriers in 2018, Archer 1200’s have secured festivals and commemorative days in Melbourne and Perth. Along with the Mussel festival, the barriers have successfully secured Torquay’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, the Melbourne Marathon, Police Remembrance Day March, Midsumma Pride March, the South Melbourne Markets Summer Night Market and more.

The unique and modular design of the Archer 1200 barriers gives them the ability to stop a vehicle in its tracks. Unlike other vehicle mitigating technology, Archer 1200’s are able to be rapidly deployed and removed without the use of electricity, hydraulics or heavy machinery. Configurations can be designed to suit the environment, or increase the hardening of the perimeter in the event of changing threat levels. Along with its many features, the Archer 1200’s have also now received the designation of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the United States’ Safety Act by the Department of Homeland Security.

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