Archer Barriers Make Perth Debut

Australians everywhere have embraced the true spirit of Australia Day over the long weekend. Whether attending a barbeque with friends and family or joining the festivities each major city had to offer, there was no shortage of celebrations. With most major cities concluding the day with a fireworks display, the City of South Perth put on a particularly stirring demonstration at the Skyshow along the South Perth foreshore.

The Skyshow came in conclusion to the family friendly Celebration Day which began at 1:30pm with the peak attendance at approximately 7:00pm. A crowd of over 300,000 was expected to attend the Skyshow making it one of the largest Australia day events. Families, couples and people of all ages attended and watched in awe of the spectacular show and were not disappointed by the extensive display. Both sides of the Swan River were lined with people settling in to get the best possible view for the night.

With crowds at this capacity the logistics behind the event require detailed planning and assessments to ensure safety for all, over the duration of the day. Security guards were placed over the site to assist patrons and police could be found all around to maintain public order. Many road closures and traffic diversions were put into place throughout the day in preparation for the large expected attendance.

Implemented along with traffic management equipment, the Archer 1200 portable barrier system was positioned at the entrance to the carpark next to the foreshore. Soft technologies such as traffic cones and street closure signs were placed as the initial vehicle diversion. Strategically located a few metres behind, was a secure line of 6 Archer 1200 barriers. Each barrier was connected to the next, in order to stop any potential breach by dangerous vehicles.


In 2018 the Archer 1200 barrier, engineered and manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defence Group, was introduce to Melbourne Australia. AML Risk Management Pty Ltd was chosen as the Australia provider for barrier rentals. Since the barriers arrival, the Archer 1200’s have been used to secure events throughout Melbourne including the 2018 Police Remembrance March and Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight. Making their debut appearance in Perth at the City of South Perth’s Celebration Day, the Archer 1200 system can be expected to be seen more frequently in Western Australia.


AML Risk Management Pty Ltd are able to provide a detailed assessment and quote for any event or location in need of hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. For imformation please visit our website. To discuss you mitigation needs please contact 03 9326 2244 and ask for Coordinator Emerald Forrest, or email

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