Torquay ANZAC Service Took Every Step Towards Safety

War memorials and landmarks could still be seen surrounded by flowers and other tributes days after ANZAC Day dawn services took place across Australia. People of all ages gathered in the early hours of the morning to pay their respects to those who fought and lost their lives.

In 2018 AML Risk Management deployed 6 Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barriers in order to secure and protect attendees and marchers at the event. This hostile vehicle mitigation technology was once again deployed at the event in 2019. With global threats to public safety remaining prevalent, organisers of the Torquay service were adamant that ANZAC Day commemorations should be risk free and every angle of safety was considered.

The 6 Archer barriers were placed at the March entrance point on The Esplanade in Torquay. All participating personnel and vehicles entered through the Archer 1200 barriers via a 3 metre access point designed to allow authorised access as desired. Once the access point was no longer required, the gap was then sealed by purpose-built accessories. Pedestrians are then able to freely flow between all other barriers as they are placed closer together and do not allow any vehicle access.


Andrew Duffy, Managing Director of AML Risk Management oversaw the deployment for the second year in a row. “It is essential and our absolute priority that people are protected” says Andrew Duffy.
“Doing that [protecting the public] without hindering schedules or vehicle movement is vital to any event at any capacity”.


AML Risk Management became the Australian provider of the world’s most effective portable barrier in early 2018. Since then the team have continued to work closely with Meridian Rapid Defence Groups Global CEO Mr Peter Whitford to provide high quality hostile vehicle mitigation solutions.

The Archer 1200 portable barrier is a great asset to the safety of any location. For more information visit To enquire and discuss your mitigation needs please email or telephone 03 9326 2244 and ask for Coordinator Emerald Forrest.

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Sydney Show Finished Safe and Sound

Over the past 16 months, AML Risk Management have made their number one priority ensuring public safety through the use of one of the most advanced pieces of Portable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment. Engineered and manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defence Group in the United States, the Archer 1200 is the world’s strongest and most effective portable vehicle barrier.


Initially Meridian began creating fixed solutions mainly for military use, however a need for a portable solution became ever-present and thus the Archer 1200 was born. Through the evident changes to global threat levels and the prevalence of vehicle attacks on the rise in recent years, a significant number of stakeholders are seeking a rapid solution which suits the smaller time frame of annual events. The Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barrier has a wide diversity of deployment options making it suitable to different environments and threat levels.

Most recently the Archer 1200’s have been seen at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Securing the site entry was a necessity for the 2019 event and was complete by strategically deploying 20 Archer barriers. The barriers could be seen at two critical entry points of the show, with emergency access cables put into play. Over the 12 day event patrons noticed the barriers and were left feeling a sense of security.


AML Risk Management have supplied portable barriers to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and intend on continuing the provision hostile vehicle solutions. “Breach by hostile vehicle is a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly” says Managing Director Andrew Duffy who over-saw the recent deployment at the Sydney Show.

Deployment configurations are determined and explained in a free no-obligation assessment. Deployment times, environment, threat levels and access are all factors considered during the process of assessing an event or location in order to deploy the barriers in the most beneficial way. To enquire or discuss your mitigation needs telephone 03 9326 2244 or email To learn more about the Archer 1200 visit

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Sydney Royal Easter Show Introduces NSW to the Worlds Strongest Portable Vehicle Barrier

An exciting new addition has been made to the safety and security planning of the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show. This year, over the 12 days of the event, 20 Archer 1200 barriers will be securing two areas around the site to safeguard the public from breach by dangerous vehicles. This is the first appearance the barriers have made in New South Wales after 12 months of securing events in Melbourne. The barriers are expected to continue securing sites in Sydney as the 20 barriers will remain in New South Wales upon conclusion of the Royal Easter Show.

In March 2018 AML Risk Management proudly introduced the Archer 1200 portable hostile vehicle mitigation barriers into the list of Melbourne’s available safety and security resources. While a range of products are readily available to secure events the Archer 1200 remains the only portable barrier to hold Certification of the United States’ Safety Act. Since their debut deployment in Australia at the 2018 South Melbourne Market Mussel & Jazz festival, the Archer 1200 has secured events across Melbourne and Perth. The unique engineering of the Archer 1200 allows organisers a simple, fast and effective solution to risk of vehicle intrusion.


Events and festivities across Australia are no strangers to the ever-changing conditions of the outdoors. From markets to music events and everything in between, attendees are rarely deterred by varied temperatures and weather settings. With the public displaying a dedicated and enthusiastic attitude towards outdoor events in public spaces, organisers must remain vigilant when it comes to providing a safe and secured environment both externally and internally.

Reflecting on changing global circumstances over recent years, the prevalence of incidents involving individuals or groups intent on causing harm and inducing fear has increased. While fatalities and injuries inflicted by such occurrences have caused deep sadness across nations, reactions have been that of unity to show strength and resilience during these times. Implementing mitigation strategies such as the Archer 1200 anti-vehicle system is one of the many ways organisers are responding to ensure public safety.

Melbourne and Sydney now have immediate access to the Archer 1200 system. With its modular and versatile design, this system is not limited in its ability to protect. Each event or location may present specific requirements and varied threat levels, both of which can be factored into any deployment configuration put into place. For a free quote or assessment call 03 9326 2244 and ask for barrier coordinator, Emerald Forrest, or email AML Risk Management are able to provide a no-obligation comprehensive plan and deployment configuration based on the unique needs of each client. Further information can be found at

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Back to Where We Began – Archer 1200 Marks One Year Anniversary

22 Archer 1200 Anti-Vehicle barriers have once again been strategically placed along the borders of the South Melbourne Markets Mussel and Jazz Festival. Over the Labour Day weekend, the barriers secured the event which saw an array of chefs and jazz artists assembled on Cecil Street, providing two days of entertainment and seafood with no shortage of variety.

In 2018 the initial fleet of 18 Archer 1200 barriers reached Australian shores. Within 48 hours of arriving in Australia the barriers were deployed for the first time at the South Melbourne Markets 2018 Mussel and Jazz festival. The deployment of the barriers at the 2019 event marks the one year anniversary of their arrival.


Over the past 12 months the number of barriers available in Australia has grown from just 18 to 40 with preparations underway to continue this increase. Organisers and stakeholders spend months creating in-depth plans for the safety of their respective event or location which now factor in the risk of a vehicle breach, causing a demand for an increase of the portable vehicle barriers. With changing circumstances world-wide, securing the safety of patrons, staff and vendors through the use of anti-vehicle barriers has rapidly become a high priority.

Since AML Risk Management began deploying anti-vehicle barriers in 2018, Archer 1200’s have secured festivals and commemorative days in Melbourne and Perth. Along with the Mussel festival, the barriers have successfully secured Torquay’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, the Melbourne Marathon, Police Remembrance Day March, Midsumma Pride March, the South Melbourne Markets Summer Night Market and more.

The unique and modular design of the Archer 1200 barriers gives them the ability to stop a vehicle in its tracks. Unlike other vehicle mitigating technology, Archer 1200’s are able to be rapidly deployed and removed without the use of electricity, hydraulics or heavy machinery. Configurations can be designed to suit the environment, or increase the hardening of the perimeter in the event of changing threat levels. Along with its many features, the Archer 1200’s have also now received the designation of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the United States’ Safety Act by the Department of Homeland Security.

For more information on the designation of the Safety Act, or to request and free no-obligation quote or assessment please call 03 9326 2244 and ask for coordinator Emerald Forrest or email

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Summer Market – Planned to Protect

Summer is well and truly here and has brought with it a stimulating variety of festivals, markets and concerts. Australians are embracing the heat by staying outdoors in the warm evenings with the events on offer providing entertainment and the perfect place to unwind. This event season has seen concerts with sounds from across the decades such as electronic music, rock and classical meaning anyone and everyone can find something to suit their taste. There is no shortage of food either with the extraordinarily diverse range on offer thanks to weekend and evening markets supplying authentic cuisines from around the globe.

The South Melbourne Market has this year, once again, hosted its annual Night Market. Entertainment is available for all ages, with a smorgasbord of food on offer. As the market draws to a close with its final night taking place on the 28th of February, crowds have noticed the new safety feature lining the perimeter of the event site.


22 Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barriers have secured the 2019 night market since this year’s first event. The portable barriers are designed to stand against modern-day threats to public safety and are the strongest and most effective portable barrier in the world. Meridian Rapid Defence Group in the US began creating portable barriers in the defence sector over a decade ago with the first design, an anchored barrier system, intended for use at military facilities. Changing circumstances world-wide meant that there became a global need for access to a more mobile solution and thus the Archer 1200 was born.

In early 2018 the Archer 1200’s made their debut appearance in Melbourne at the South Melbourne Markets Mussel and Jazz festival. Since then the barriers have been used at events such as the Police Remembrance march, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight and the ANZAC Day Dawn Service held in Torquay.

The archer 1200 is modular by design with configurations able to adapt based on the environment and changing threat levels. Any movements of the barriers weighing an impressive 400kg, can be accomplished and complete within minutes by just 1-2 people through the use of purpose-built equipment. Organisers everywhere are opting for the Archer 1200 due to its rapid deployment times and user-friendly installation. Other vehicle mitigating solutions which have been used previously and are not as effective as the Archer 1200, have proven to be costly with time-consuming and complicated deployment processes. Meridian Rapid Defence Group have engineered and manufactured the Archer 1200 with a clear understanding that when preparing for an event, time is of the essence.

AML Risk Management understand that each event and location are unique with specific requirements. By completing a consultation and site assessments a tailor-made plan and quote can be provided to anyone considering hostile vehicle mitigation. For more information please visit To book your no obligation consultation call 03 9326 2244 and ask for Barrier Coordinator, Emerald Forrest or email us at

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Proudly Protecting Pride – Anti-Vehicle Barriers Secure Midsumma March

Sweltering temperatures failed to deter participants and spectators from attending the 2019 Midsumma Pride March on Sunday 3rd of February 2019. Thousands lined the streets to show their support to the LGBTQIAP+ community. The Parade commenced with a thrilling display from the Dykes on Bikes group. With their roaring engines marking the first wave of marchers, spectators edged as close as possible to the parade and cheered as the colourful bike procession made its way down Fitzroy Street towards Catani Gardens.

Each year Midsumma Pride March has attracted crowds from all across Victoria, with a remarkable number of businesses and organisations participating in the event. Victoria Police had a more than 150 officers taking part in the march, escorted by the distinctive sounds of the Victoria Police Pipe Band. Life Saving Victoria also had significant involvement in the event with representatives distributing refreshing ice tea as an aid to the extreme heat.

Midsumma Pride March had a dedicated team coordinating the logistics of the parade. With such a large number of participants all hands were on deck to ensure the event operations ran without a hitch and all were pleased with the celebration.


Since beginning portable hostile vehicle barrier deployments in 2018, the Midsumma Pride March required the largest deployment of Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barriers completed by AML Risk Management. 40 of the resilient barriers were placed at the beginning and end of the Fitzroy Street parade route, with a few of them aiding other mitigating technology discreetly on side streets.

In January 2019, 18 Archer 1200 barriers were added to the 22 units based in Melbourne. The increase comes after a rise in demand for hostile vehicle mitigation barriers required to secure events. In 2018 the first fleet of 18 Archer barriers made their debut appearance in Melbourne at the South Melbourne Markets 2018 Mussel and Jazz Festival. Since this first deployment the barriers have begun to appear across Melbourne and were also a part of Australia Day celebrations in South Perth.


“Hostile vehicle intrusion is an ongoing threat that shouldn’t be ignored” says AML Risk Managements Managing Director Andrew Duffy. “The duty of care to patrons at any event should involve considering and adapting to the possibility of breach by hostile vehicle”.

AML Risk Management Pty Ltd are able to complete a detailed assessment for any location or event considering implementing hostile vehicle barriers. For more information on the Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barriers please visit If you would like to discuss a free no-obligation quote or assessment please contact barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email

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Archer Barriers Make Perth Debut

Australians everywhere have embraced the true spirit of Australia Day over the long weekend. Whether attending a barbeque with friends and family or joining the festivities each major city had to offer, there was no shortage of celebrations. With most major cities concluding the day with a fireworks display, the City of South Perth put on a particularly stirring demonstration at the Skyshow along the South Perth foreshore.

The Skyshow came in conclusion to the family friendly Celebration Day which began at 1:30pm with the peak attendance at approximately 7:00pm. A crowd of over 300,000 was expected to attend the Skyshow making it one of the largest Australia day events. Families, couples and people of all ages attended and watched in awe of the spectacular show and were not disappointed by the extensive display. Both sides of the Swan River were lined with people settling in to get the best possible view for the night.

With crowds at this capacity the logistics behind the event require detailed planning and assessments to ensure safety for all, over the duration of the day. Security guards were placed over the site to assist patrons and police could be found all around to maintain public order. Many road closures and traffic diversions were put into place throughout the day in preparation for the large expected attendance.

Implemented along with traffic management equipment, the Archer 1200 portable barrier system was positioned at the entrance to the carpark next to the foreshore. Soft technologies such as traffic cones and street closure signs were placed as the initial vehicle diversion. Strategically located a few metres behind, was a secure line of 6 Archer 1200 barriers. Each barrier was connected to the next, in order to stop any potential breach by dangerous vehicles.


In 2018 the Archer 1200 barrier, engineered and manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defence Group, was introduce to Melbourne Australia. AML Risk Management Pty Ltd was chosen as the Australia provider for barrier rentals. Since the barriers arrival, the Archer 1200’s have been used to secure events throughout Melbourne including the 2018 Police Remembrance March and Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight. Making their debut appearance in Perth at the City of South Perth’s Celebration Day, the Archer 1200 system can be expected to be seen more frequently in Western Australia.


AML Risk Management Pty Ltd are able to provide a detailed assessment and quote for any event or location in need of hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. For imformation please visit our website. To discuss you mitigation needs please contact 03 9326 2244 and ask for Coordinator Emerald Forrest, or email

Festivities Begin with Barriers

Celebrations for the Vietnamese-Chinese New Year have begun in full force with the season initiated by the Victoria Street Lunar Festival, Richmond. With a multitude of food vendors, performers and market stalls on offer from Hoddle Street to Church Street, crowds rallied and shared in the excitement of the first festive instalment for the year of the Pig.

While crowds congregated in the street and actively participated in all the day had to offer, extensive security and risk management planning was being put in to action. While as necessary for festivals of this variety, security was placed throughout the site to maintain order. Meanwhile, 12 Archer 1200 barriers were strategically positioned at the main closure points to protect attendees from breach by dangerous vehicles.

With stalls and other attractions the event had to offer positioned a significant distance from the streets closure points, the barriers were placed somewhat inconspicuously at each end. An Archer 1200 barrier weighs an impressive 400kg and is ready to protect once locked into place. Accessories and strategic placement of the barriers can also allow for emergency vehicle access. The tested and PAS 68 certified Modular design of the Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barrier means environmental factors can be taken into consideration to allow a suitable deployment.

Globally we have continued to see an increase in vehicles used as improvised weapons targeting crowds with devastating results. Two vehicle attacks took place during New Year’s celebrations over the 31st of December 2018 to the 1st of January 2019 reminding us that we must always remain vigilant.


While organisers are aware of the threat of vehicles driven by those intent on causing harm, we must also consider the fact that accidental misconduct can result in a vehicle entering a secured zone. Be that someone mistaking the accelerator for the brake, or a driver not realising their vehicle has veered off track due to a moments distraction, vehicle barriers are a sure way to keep the public safe.

To discuss your mitigation needs or for a free no-obligation quote or assessment, please contact Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email us at For more information please visit our website –

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Vehicle Security – Ready and Rising

Portable anti-vehicle barriers have rapidly become an unquestionable necessity for stakeholders everywhere. With the use of vehicles as improvised weapons on the rise, the threat has regrettably become very real.

Over 2018 a number of vehicle attacks were carried out globally. Though not all resulted in fatalities, the lives of those injured and involved in such events were more than significantly impacted. With each occurrence inducing an alarming sense of reality, more and more preventative measures are being implemented to preserve and protect lives.

Recently at the Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA, US) a number of the Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barriers, engineered and manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defence Group, have been deployed. These security measures were put into place to increase the safety of an event expected to draw a crowd of more than 700,000. While this is not the first time the barriers have been used at this location, it is the largest deployment the Rose Bowl has seen. The quantity of barriers used on the 1st of January 2019 was more than double that which was used at the 2018 Rose Bowl Game.

peter 1

Meridian Rapid Defence Group service a number of locations across America and have assisted in securing major events and locations such as the Mardi Gras Parade, GRAMMY awards and Washington Naval base. Melbourne has now seen deployments of its own take place after AML Risk Management Pty Ltd were chosen as the Australian provider of the Archer 1200.

Major events such as Carols by Candlelight have been secured by the Archer 1200 system. Catering to these events is a complex task as vehicles and pedestrians flock to surrounding areas in high volumes. Anti-Vehicle barriers must be able to protect the area from vehicles without hindering a pedestrian’s ability to move freely through the area.


Plans must also consider that each event or location may require authorised vehicle access, be that staff or emergency vehicles. The modular design of the Archer 1200 allows comprehensive configurations to be deployed. Vehicle access may be granted as necessary and strength levels of the deployment can be increased in response to varied threat levels.

For more information on the Archer 1200 barriers please visit AML Risk Management are able to provide a free no-obligation quote or assessment upon request. To receive your free quote or assessment please contact coordinator Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email us at

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Remains Necessary

Over New Years Eve, an event that is celebrated globally, two reported vehicle attacks have taken place. The vehicle attacks were carried out at popular tourists locations in Tokyo and Germany, injuring more than a dozen people including two children.

While the motives behind using a vehicle as an improvised weapon in these two cases and others alike may vary, the aftermath can be equally as devastating.

Authorities are quick to respond and take action to prevent the continuation of any attack. The bravery of those who are quick to attend high risk situations is remarkable, and sadly necessary when in the presence of an attacker with intent to cause harm.

Celebrations such as New Years Eve draw crowds to events and festivals, but also to iconic locations. It is at these times that police, security and risk management personnel are increased and used to ensure crowds are able to enjoy the festivities in the safest way possible.

In 2018 Melbourne has seen the introduction of modular vehicle barriers that are PAS 68 Certified and have the ability to harden the perimeter of crowd heavy locations. The Archer 1200 Portable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers have been used at a large-scale in the US and are catching the attention of safety planners in Australia.


Each unit can easily be deployed by 1 person, and is ready to protect once in place. The unique modular design of the Archer 1200, means that the configurations can be adapted in response to changing threat levels and the site environment. Through the use of accessories, emergency vehicle access may also be granted in the event it is required.

AML Risk Management is able to provide a detailed assessment for any site or location requiring vehicle mitigation barriers. To book your assessment, or for a free no-obligation consultation, please email us or call 03 9326 2244 and ask for barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest.

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