Vehicle Security – Ready and Rising

Portable anti-vehicle barriers have rapidly become an unquestionable necessity for stakeholders everywhere. With the use of vehicles as improvised weapons on the rise, the threat has regrettably become very real.

Over 2018 a number of vehicle attacks were carried out globally. Though not all resulted in fatalities, the lives of those injured and involved in such events were more than significantly impacted. With each occurrence inducing an alarming sense of reality, more and more preventative measures are being implemented to preserve and protect lives.

Recently at the Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA, US) a number of the Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barriers, engineered and manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defence Group, have been deployed. These security measures were put into place to increase the safety of an event expected to draw a crowd of more than 700,000. While this is not the first time the barriers have been used at this location, it is the largest deployment the Rose Bowl has seen. The quantity of barriers used on the 1st of January 2019 was more than double that which was used at the 2018 Rose Bowl Game.

peter 1

Meridian Rapid Defence Group service a number of locations across America and have assisted in securing major events and locations such as the Mardi Gras Parade, GRAMMY awards and Washington Naval base. Melbourne has now seen deployments of its own take place after AML Risk Management Pty Ltd were chosen as the Australian provider of the Archer 1200.

Major events such as Carols by Candlelight have been secured by the Archer 1200 system. Catering to these events is a complex task as vehicles and pedestrians flock to surrounding areas in high volumes. Anti-Vehicle barriers must be able to protect the area from vehicles without hindering a pedestrian’s ability to move freely through the area.


Plans must also consider that each event or location may require authorised vehicle access, be that staff or emergency vehicles. The modular design of the Archer 1200 allows comprehensive configurations to be deployed. Vehicle access may be granted as necessary and strength levels of the deployment can be increased in response to varied threat levels.

For more information on the Archer 1200 barriers please visit AML Risk Management are able to provide a free no-obligation quote or assessment upon request. To receive your free quote or assessment please contact coordinator Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email us at

AML Risk Management – for real Planning, Protection and Prevention.

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