Archer 1200’s visit Sydney Security Expo

AML Risk Management have this week proudly put six Archer 1200 barriers on show at the 2019 Sydney Security Exhibition and Conference. In 2018, AML Risk Management introduced Australia to the Archer 1200. To date, this advanced anti-vehicle technology has secured events in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth with more deployments expected to take place across Australia.


A deployment of six Archer barriers is enough to secure a two-lane road, which is often required for outdoor events. Such deployment was seen at the 2019 Torquay ANZAC day march, which saw an estimated crowd of 10,000 attend the early morning service to pay their respects. The six Archer barriers stood tall, protecting the lives of those within.

With a significant background in security and emergency management, the Archer 1200 barriers have proven to be an asset to AML’s extensive list of capabilities. Along with security, AML Risk Management provide services including emergency management, trace detection and a highly skilled Asset Protection Unit (APU).


The six barriers will remain on display at the exhibition until Friday 26th of July with registration to attend the event still available. For more information on the Archer 1200 or to discuss you mitigation needs contact barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email To find out more about the Archer 1200 and AML Risk Managements other services visit

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation has never been so simple

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures are being implemented across Australia, with deployment of vehicle security technology becoming a necessity. Events, festivals, markets and other attractions alike are factoring anti-vehicle equipment into the early days of planning. The deployment and installation of such technology can be a life-saving investment. While using vehicles as weapons is not a new technique, it has become more prevalent in recent years and a response to these events is needed.

Meridian Rapid Defense Group has been developing anti-vehicle barriers for over a decade. Meridian first began producing barriers mainly for military purposes and has since met the consumer demand for a mobile option. When it comes to providing a portable solution, time is everything. As many plans require road closures, it is imperative that a deployment can be done quickly with minimal interference to authorised traffic and event vehicles bumping-in and out. Closed roads, if not re-opened within given time frames, can result in fines for organisers. The Archer 1200 allows the organiser peace of mind as access to any areas sealed by the Archer 1200 can be re-gained with just a moment’s notice.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.21.55 pm

Despite its impressive weight of 400kg, the Archer 1200 can be deployed in just minutes by 1-2 people. Not only is the Archer system PAS 68 certified, but has also received the official designation of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the United States’ Safety Act.

“Introducing the Archers to Australia was a win for any and all proceedings drawing large crowds” says Managing Director Andrew Duffy.
“Organisers have told us how satisfied they are to have a certified solution readily available. The old un-certified technology just isn’t enough anymore”.

One of the many features attracting organisers is the Archers modular design which allows for diverse configurations. Not only can the barriers be configured to suit the environment, but also to suit varied threat levels. At any given time during a deployment, the barriers may be re-configured to suit changing situations.

To receive a free no-obligation quote and assessment call 03 9326 2244 or email For more information on the Archer 1200 and other services visit

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