Next Generation Threat Detection

The Manchester Tragedy has opened the eyes of any people as to the real vulnerability of large public gatherings to ‘Lone Wolf’ terror style attacks.

These are much harder to detect using traditional intel methods. It simply comes down to identifying those either armed or carrying explosives prior to entry into crowded ares.

AML Risk Management have invested heavily in ensuring effective Detection, Prevention and protection for people attending Major Events as well as the public entering Transport Hubs, Shopping Centres and Airport Buildings.

The latest equipment currently being tested by AML Risk Management is the new Evolv Edge detection units. With through traffic of 700 people per hour per unit these are incredibly efficient and a major advance on previous technology such as Metal Detectors.

Here’s a description from Fox Business News. Make sure to watch the accompanying video, link below.

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New Tech to Fight Terror

AML evolve edge

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Stadium scanner aims to foil mass casualty threats at soft targets

The terrorist attack in Manchester has exposed the vulnerabilities of soft targets like big arenas, but one company might have a solution.

Evolv has created a new security scanner that can be used to detect explosives and firearms, but unlike airport checkpoints, which are primarily used to detect threats to aircrafts, this is designed to address a different set of concerns.

threat detected

“If you’re worried about train stations, stadiums, places where you’re concerned about the crowd, then those are the things that security professionals are most concerned about,” said CEO Michael Ellenbogen in an interview with the FOX Business Network.

Ellenbogen says the scanner uses a combination of technologies to pinpoint firearms and explosives–without significantly slowing down audiences entering arenas and stadiums.

security threat

“[It is] designed to look for mass casualty threats. The kind of thing we just saw in Manchester—suicide bombs, firearms, but very high through-put unlike the systems we’ve become used to at the court houses and airports, [it] will do 700 plus people per hour… completely automated—red light, green light. Most people that come through you leave all the things that you normally carry in your pockets, in your pockets. No more dog bowls to have to put all your stuff in. Walk through just at a normal pace and the system will automatically be screening you for these threats,” he said.

Even though Evolv is a new company, the core team has been working with detection technology for more than 20 years according to Ellenbogen.

“What we can’t afford to do is create another bottleneck… We started Evolv to completely rethink security and to eliminate the need for more and more bottlenecks that create larger crowds, larger wait times and quit honestly new targets.”

The system is currently in entertainment venues and stadiums around the world, Ellenbogen said.

Source: Fox Business News

Time for Action – Protection for Major Events

With an audience capacity of 21,000 people, the Manchester Arena bombing outcome could well have been far more devastating. Mass panic seized the audience after the sound of the explosion resonated through the venue. Most audience members were young pre-teen girls, teenage girls, young women and their mothers. It was an appalling target with ISIS now claiming responsibility for the incident and the resultant 22 deaths and 59 seriously injured concert patrons.

manchester 2

The question on everyone’s lips is “What can we do to prevent such mindless acts?”. In truth there is a lot we can do. First base is most certainly intel via the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and other Federal Government Agencies and through the various State Police Forces.

But this presupposes organisation, planning and identifiable links with known terrorist organisations such as ISIS, Al Queda, Chechen separatists, etc.

The reality is that to a great extent the ISIS type movement is attractive to ‘lone wolves’; People like Man Haron Monis of the Lindt Cafe Siege in Sydney, the Tunisian truck hijacker in Marseilles, the gay nightclub shooter in Florida and many more.


These are unbalanced psychopathic types who use internet propaganda to justify totally sociopathic acts. They gain bomb recipes and perform copy-cat acts such as the German Truck Killer.

This type of perpetrator is far more difficult to detect and protect against.

The AML Risk Management team believe that actual protection at Major Event Venues, Transport Hubs, Shopping Centres, Schools and Universities is possible with the use of both intel then technology. Intel provides significant risk assessment information. Upon recognising and determining that indeed there is risk just what can be done?


Events at major sporting events, music concerts, music festivals all have controlled entrances. Transport Hubs such as Railway Stations, Bus Stations and Airports also have controlled entrances – to a greater or lesser degree.

Trained staff can monitor such entrances and when necessary, with the use of explosives detection units and soon to be released ‘walk thru’ scanning devices, it is possible to ensure a relatively secure environment is maintained for the public attending. The designated search teams (known as APUs) can detect the full range of commonly used explosives with simple bag scans. Such a scanning operation can be added comfortably to existing bag-search or wanding operations (eg. the MCG) or simply be deployed strategically to operate upon observation of suspicious behaviour or unusual behaviour (eg. Large Bags to Sporting Events).


The APU team not only have significant Emergency Protocols that will diffuse and contain such a situation, it also has the equipment and deployment capability to absorb up to 90% of any blast or explosion (The APU team are trained professionals from Defence Force, Police and Fire Brigade backgrounds).

The victims in Manchester were ordinary people out to enjoy a night of fun – family members, children, mothers. It is imperative that we devise strategies that ensure this never happens again if it can possibly be prevented. The tragedy in itself gives Venues both the right and perhaps the obligation to impose some rigorous checking on anyone entering the venue. It’s time for action. Such tragedies can be minimised with forward thinking and planning. The detection of explosives is technically well advanced.

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Customs Breach Puts Community At Risk

Four Corners on ABC Television this week highlighted the ease with which a group of Sydney criminals imported a large cache (140) of restricted weapons into Australia over a period of about 6 months. The syndicate imported 140 Glock pistols – state of the art handguns – from Germany, with a high number having a larger automatic magazine fitted, converting what is a very effective handgun into a machine pistol.

You can watch the full 4 Corners story here


The syndicate treated the risks posed to their enterprise by Australian Customs and the Australian Federal Police with disdain. Eventually, based on a ballistics analysis undertaken by the NSW Police with regard to an outrageous shooting into a public park and the discovery of multiple usage of the same weaponry in up to 11 armed robberies being investigated, it then became obvious that some very new and very serious weapons had been imported into this country illegally.

The program went on to suggest that this shipment in all likelihood is but the ’tip of the iceberg’. With clever tactics disguising materials sent by mail, with container ports shipping thousands of containers each day, complete surveillance is virtually impossible.

So in terms of the security requirements of Shopping Centres, Events, Transport Hubs and major Hotel and Conference Centres, what does this mean? Quite simply the assumption that those presenting a threat will not be well-armed or in possession of military hardware or explosives is probably fanciful. In all likelihood those that would choose to do harm can certainly without too much trouble apparently gain access to the weapons and the materials they require.

It is a very strong argument to remain vigilant. Prevention and early detection remain real imperatives.

AML Risk Management provide very precise technical responses to these challenges. With the use and application of both hand-held and walk through devices, hidden weapons, explosives and drugs can all be detected quickly. Trained operatives are positioned to engage would be perpetrators, contain any threat both with the use of equipment and process, and provide a full emergency procedure until secure hand-over of both perpetrators and weapons or materials to relevant authorities is possible.

Don’t be complacent – the threat is real, whether it’s from persons with a significant political agenda, lone ‘nutters’ or professional criminals such as Biker Gangs – be alert – be prepared. Contact AML Risk Management and ensure that you are fully and comprehensively covered in dealing with any and all such eventualities. Contact us on 03 9326 2244 or visit our website.

Remember 20/20 hindsight is just too late. Prepare, Prevent, Protect.

AML Risk Management “It’s our business to keep your business secure”

Be Secure, Prepared and Protected

AML Risk Management are industry leaders in providing both the latest technical innovations and the appropriate teams, strategies and know how in deploying such technology and devices to ensure minimal risk, disruption or malicious attack in public and private locations.

The DetectaChem Trace Detection Unit is a state of the art unit and a good example of the innovative practices of AML Risk Management. The unit is most effective in identifying both explosives via chemical detection and illicit substances at control points. The AML Emergency Response teams are skilled in the operation and tactical use of this equipment, having provided such services at major sporting events and at the Melbourne Showgrounds.


Not only are the APU (Asset Protection Unit) teams proficient in the detection of illicit, illegal and often dangerous substances, but they are trained and equipped in providing an emergency response, particularly where there is a risk of explosive devices. AML Risk Management provide a complete end to end emergency service including official handover to emergency services such as Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade as well as providing all information and a continuing local presence as is required.

AML has access to a full range of first rate, up to the minute equipment suitable for use in public venues where high risk is predicted.

This includes equipment from ‘evolv technology’ designed to achieve the detection of person borne Mass Casualty threats. These units are particularly applicable in use for softer targets traditionally ignored by Terrorists, such as special event locations (conventions, expo’s, speaker events), office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and retail precincts, places of worship, transportation hubs (Railway stations, bus depots) and sports stadiums.

‘Walk thru’ devices quickly identify potential threats, with traffic enabling up to 600 people per hour. The devices detect potential threats that traditional metal detection units do not. These units are small, portable and enable random temporary screenings and random protocols.


Please visit the AML Risk Management website for more detail on AML Risk Management’s services. We will continue with more information on these innovative and effective units next week as well as discussing crash barrier devices and technology for public spaces requiring real protection for pedestrians and the public spaces they traverse.

AML Risk Management – It’s our business to keep your business secure

Welcome to the AML Risk Management latest news and social media. In the times we live in, there is an overriding need to ensure public safety and protection – whether it’s large sporting events, retail shopping precincts, transport hubs or simply city streets with significant pedestrian traffic – people have a right and a need to feel safe and protected. It’s not a well known fact, but over 120,000 people a week use Bourke St Mall in Melbourne’s CBD. After the events of January this year it’s clear that there is much to be done to provide real and effective protection.

AML Risk Management specialises in Emergency Management. It fields trained teams capable of managing any emergency situation until Emergency Services arrive. Our Emergency Response Teams take control and activate critical response strategies with effective hand-over to Emergency Services upon arrival and continuance of full support function, until otherwise directed, offering full support and local know how as is required.


But more importantly as we will reveal over the next few weeks, AML Risk Management provides early detection and response services with modern, up-to-date equipment of the highest standard. Prevention is far more desirable than cure in these instances. The AML team can provide state of the art chemical detection on both explosives and a range of drugs. It has access to effective crash barriers suitable for deployment in public streets and at events. And it has trained operatives competent in deploying all such equipment and strategies.

AML Response staff are trained professionals from a range of backgrounds, operating at the highest levels of functionality. Genuine professionals who have previously served as Firemen (CFA + MFB), Emergency Operatives (SES), Former Police Officers (Victoria Police), Paramedics (Ambulance Victoria), personnel formerly serving in the Defence Forces (Army, Navy + Airforce) as well as high level security personnel from private industry.


As we progress we will provide specific information on specialist activity, equipment and emergency response practices. In the meantime consider the safety of your patrons, your employees, your customers and the public. Call AML on 03 9326 2244 or visit our website and enquire about real time protection, care and safety for your events, facilities, audiences and the public.

Manage the risk, provide the protection with AML Risk Management – the response you’re looking for.