Protection is Priority when it comes to Events.

With Victorians expected to experience an intense cold front over the coming days, many are highly anticipating the warmer season that is just around the corner. It is at this time that organisers are deep in the planning stages for their events which will provide the public with festivities and other outlets to make the most of the summer season.

Changing circumstances worldwide means that not only are organisers considering the general planning of events, but also the implementation of hostile vehicle mitigation equipment. Many available resources have become outdated and a portion of the available market includes uncertified technology. When the initial need for vehicle mitigation became apparent, the resources available were scares and left little options for stakeholders when securing event perimeters. Since this time, these resources have grown and organisers are choosing reliable and certified options to protect their people.

The Archer 1200 was introduced to the Australian market in 2018 as a certified product, purpose-built for the deterrence and prevention of dangerous vehicle intrusions. Unlike other portable barriers, the Archer 1200 system has received the designation of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the United States’ Safety Act by the Department of Homeland Security.


Meridian Rapid Defence Group, creators of the Archer 1200 system, chose AML Risk Management as their Australian provider at the beginning of 2018. Meridians Global CEO Mr Peter Whitford has worked directly with AML’s Managing Director and staff to ensure their clients receive the best possible service from the barriers.

AML Risk Management are able to provide a detailed and comprehensive assessment of any sites hostile vehicle mitigation requirements. This includes high risk areas, emergency access requirements and other factors involved in a deployment. To receive your free no-obligation quote or assessment contact barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email

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Advanced Vehicle Access meets Mitigation

One of the most complex considerations taken into account when designing any hostile vehicle mitigation equipment is the ability to filter and allow authorized vehicle access. Such access may be required by event vehicles, deliveries or emergency vehicles.

When designing a product that accommodates for this type of access, the engineer must be mindful of the time it takes for access to be granted, the space allowed for the vehicle to pass through and the strength of the technology securing the access point.

Much of the portable technology available is widely used and suited for temporary events and mass gatherings, many of which require road closures. These road closures restrict access to the site which is likely to be heavily occupied by pedestrians. It is not uncommon for gatherings of this nature to call upon emergency services for reasons including fire and medical emergencies. Whatever the cause for urgent response by emergency services may be, it is imperative that they be allowed rapid access to and egress from the site to ensure that the appropriate action is taken with minimal interference.

Meridian Rapid Defence Group has carefully considered the necessity of vehicle access through the Archer 1200 portable barrier system. A 3 metre Arrestor Cable has successfully been used at previous events to allow authorised vehicle access without hindering the integrity of the secured area.

Other portable barrier systems may require a vehicle to be used as a gate, as they do not have the ability to allow vehicles access. Any vehicles used as a gate require constant monitoring so access can be granted as needed. While this may seem like a seamless solution, vehicles as gates are accompanied by complications, including the lack of insurance available for vehicles used for mitigation.

Where frequent access is required at a high traffic entrance-way or perimeter, Meridian has considered every angle of mitigation versus access and created the Archer Beam Gate. Made of UV and abrasion resistant webbing, this item is rated at 21,000 lb load bearing weight. Unlike other beam gates and access control technology, the Archer Beam Gate does not require hydraulics or electricity. The counterweight balanced beam is simply lifted to allow access for vehicles.

Held in place by two connected Archer 1200 barriers on either side, the strength simplicity of the Archer Beam Gate is unmatched by its competitors. Almost as impressive as its stopping power is its ability to be installed by just two people.

Upon impact by dangerous vehicle, the beam will crumple allowing the netting to draw in the attached barriers and stop the vehicle within 20 ft. This technology has been utilised by the U.S Military and energy hotel industries.

AML Risk Management were chosen as the Australian provider of Archer products. While the Archer Beam Gate has not yet made its way to Australia, 40 Archer 1200 barriers are frequently servicing locations around Victoria.

As event season rapidly approaches contact 03 9326 2244 or email to secure your dates for the Archer 1200 portable barrier system, or enquire about the Archer Beam Gate. More information on the Archer 1200 can be found at

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