Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Remains Necessary

Over New Years Eve, an event that is celebrated globally, two reported vehicle attacks have taken place. The vehicle attacks were carried out at popular tourists locations in Tokyo and Germany, injuring more than a dozen people including two children.

While the motives behind using a vehicle as an improvised weapon in these two cases and others alike may vary, the aftermath can be equally as devastating.

Authorities are quick to respond and take action to prevent the continuation of any attack. The bravery of those who are quick to attend high risk situations is remarkable, and sadly necessary when in the presence of an attacker with intent to cause harm.

Celebrations such as New Years Eve draw crowds to events and festivals, but also to iconic locations. It is at these times that police, security and risk management personnel are increased and used to ensure crowds are able to enjoy the festivities in the safest way possible.

In 2018 Melbourne has seen the introduction of modular vehicle barriers that are PAS 68 Certified and have the ability to harden the perimeter of crowd heavy locations. The Archer 1200 Portable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers have been used at a large-scale in the US and are catching the attention of safety planners in Australia.


Each unit can easily be deployed by 1 person, and is ready to protect once in place. The unique modular design of the Archer 1200, means that the configurations can be adapted in response to changing threat levels and the site environment. Through the use of accessories, emergency vehicle access may also be granted in the event it is required.

AML Risk Management is able to provide a detailed assessment for any site or location requiring vehicle mitigation barriers. To book your assessment, or for a free no-obligation consultation, please email us or call 03 9326 2244 and ask for barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest.

AML Risk Management – for real Planning, Protection and Prevention.

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