Be Secure, Prepared and Protected

AML Risk Management are industry leaders in providing both the latest technical innovations and the appropriate teams, strategies and know how in deploying such technology and devices to ensure minimal risk, disruption or malicious attack in public and private locations.

The DetectaChem Trace Detection Unit is a state of the art unit and a good example of the innovative practices of AML Risk Management. The unit is most effective in identifying both explosives via chemical detection and illicit substances at control points. The AML Emergency Response teams are skilled in the operation and tactical use of this equipment, having provided such services at major sporting events and at the Melbourne Showgrounds.


Not only are the APU (Asset Protection Unit) teams proficient in the detection of illicit, illegal and often dangerous substances, but they are trained and equipped in providing an emergency response, particularly where there is a risk of explosive devices. AML Risk Management provide a complete end to end emergency service including official handover to emergency services such as Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade as well as providing all information and a continuing local presence as is required.

AML has access to a full range of first rate, up to the minute equipment suitable for use in public venues where high risk is predicted.

This includes equipment from ‘evolv technology’ designed to achieve the detection of person borne Mass Casualty threats. These units are particularly applicable in use for softer targets traditionally ignored by Terrorists, such as special event locations (conventions, expo’s, speaker events), office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and retail precincts, places of worship, transportation hubs (Railway stations, bus depots) and sports stadiums.

‘Walk thru’ devices quickly identify potential threats, with traffic enabling up to 600 people per hour. The devices detect potential threats that traditional metal detection units do not. These units are small, portable and enable random temporary screenings and random protocols.


Please visit the AML Risk Management website for more detail on AML Risk Management’s services. We will continue with more information on these innovative and effective units next week as well as discussing crash barrier devices and technology for public spaces requiring real protection for pedestrians and the public spaces they traverse.

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