AML Risk Management – It’s our business to keep your business secure

Welcome to the AML Risk Management latest news and social media. In the times we live in, there is an overriding need to ensure public safety and protection – whether it’s large sporting events, retail shopping precincts, transport hubs or simply city streets with significant pedestrian traffic – people have a right and a need to feel safe and protected. It’s not a well known fact, but over 120,000 people a week use Bourke St Mall in Melbourne’s CBD. After the events of January this year it’s clear that there is much to be done to provide real and effective protection.

AML Risk Management specialises in Emergency Management. It fields trained teams capable of managing any emergency situation until Emergency Services arrive. Our Emergency Response Teams take control and activate critical response strategies with effective hand-over to Emergency Services upon arrival and continuance of full support function, until otherwise directed, offering full support and local know how as is required.


But more importantly as we will reveal over the next few weeks, AML Risk Management provides early detection and response services with modern, up-to-date equipment of the highest standard. Prevention is far more desirable than cure in these instances. The AML team can provide state of the art chemical detection on both explosives and a range of drugs. It has access to effective crash barriers suitable for deployment in public streets and at events. And it has trained operatives competent in deploying all such equipment and strategies.

AML Response staff are trained professionals from a range of backgrounds, operating at the highest levels of functionality. Genuine professionals who have previously served as Firemen (CFA + MFB), Emergency Operatives (SES), Former Police Officers (Victoria Police), Paramedics (Ambulance Victoria), personnel formerly serving in the Defence Forces (Army, Navy + Airforce) as well as high level security personnel from private industry.


As we progress we will provide specific information on specialist activity, equipment and emergency response practices. In the meantime consider the safety of your patrons, your employees, your customers and the public. Call AML on 03 9326 2244 or visit our website and enquire about real time protection, care and safety for your events, facilities, audiences and the public.

Manage the risk, provide the protection with AML Risk Management – the response you’re looking for.

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