Customs Breach Puts Community At Risk

Four Corners on ABC Television this week highlighted the ease with which a group of Sydney criminals imported a large cache (140) of restricted weapons into Australia over a period of about 6 months. The syndicate imported 140 Glock pistols – state of the art handguns – from Germany, with a high number having a larger automatic magazine fitted, converting what is a very effective handgun into a machine pistol.

You can watch the full 4 Corners story here


The syndicate treated the risks posed to their enterprise by Australian Customs and the Australian Federal Police with disdain. Eventually, based on a ballistics analysis undertaken by the NSW Police with regard to an outrageous shooting into a public park and the discovery of multiple usage of the same weaponry in up to 11 armed robberies being investigated, it then became obvious that some very new and very serious weapons had been imported into this country illegally.

The program went on to suggest that this shipment in all likelihood is but the ’tip of the iceberg’. With clever tactics disguising materials sent by mail, with container ports shipping thousands of containers each day, complete surveillance is virtually impossible.

So in terms of the security requirements of Shopping Centres, Events, Transport Hubs and major Hotel and Conference Centres, what does this mean? Quite simply the assumption that those presenting a threat will not be well-armed or in possession of military hardware or explosives is probably fanciful. In all likelihood those that would choose to do harm can certainly without too much trouble apparently gain access to the weapons and the materials they require.

It is a very strong argument to remain vigilant. Prevention and early detection remain real imperatives.

AML Risk Management provide very precise technical responses to these challenges. With the use and application of both hand-held and walk through devices, hidden weapons, explosives and drugs can all be detected quickly. Trained operatives are positioned to engage would be perpetrators, contain any threat both with the use of equipment and process, and provide a full emergency procedure until secure hand-over of both perpetrators and weapons or materials to relevant authorities is possible.

Don’t be complacent – the threat is real, whether it’s from persons with a significant political agenda, lone ‘nutters’ or professional criminals such as Biker Gangs – be alert – be prepared. Contact AML Risk Management and ensure that you are fully and comprehensively covered in dealing with any and all such eventualities. Contact us on 03 9326 2244 or visit our website.

Remember 20/20 hindsight is just too late. Prepare, Prevent, Protect.

AML Risk Management “It’s our business to keep your business secure”

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