Torquay ANZAC Service Took Every Step Towards Safety

War memorials and landmarks could still be seen surrounded by flowers and other tributes days after ANZAC Day dawn services took place across Australia. People of all ages gathered in the early hours of the morning to pay their respects to those who fought and lost their lives.

In 2018 AML Risk Management deployed 6 Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barriers in order to secure and protect attendees and marchers at the event. This hostile vehicle mitigation technology was once again deployed at the event in 2019. With global threats to public safety remaining prevalent, organisers of the Torquay service were adamant that ANZAC Day commemorations should be risk free and every angle of safety was considered.

The 6 Archer barriers were placed at the March entrance point on The Esplanade in Torquay. All participating personnel and vehicles entered through the Archer 1200 barriers via a 3 metre access point designed to allow authorised access as desired. Once the access point was no longer required, the gap was then sealed by purpose-built accessories. Pedestrians are then able to freely flow between all other barriers as they are placed closer together and do not allow any vehicle access.


Andrew Duffy, Managing Director of AML Risk Management oversaw the deployment for the second year in a row. “It is essential and our absolute priority that people are protected” says Andrew Duffy.
“Doing that [protecting the public] without hindering schedules or vehicle movement is vital to any event at any capacity”.


AML Risk Management became the Australian provider of the world’s most effective portable barrier in early 2018. Since then the team have continued to work closely with Meridian Rapid Defence Groups Global CEO Mr Peter Whitford to provide high quality hostile vehicle mitigation solutions.

The Archer 1200 portable barrier is a great asset to the safety of any location. For more information visit To enquire and discuss your mitigation needs please email or telephone 03 9326 2244 and ask for Coordinator Emerald Forrest.

AML Risk Management – Making people, places and communities safer.

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