Sydney Show Finished Safe and Sound

Over the past 16 months, AML Risk Management have made their number one priority ensuring public safety through the use of one of the most advanced pieces of Portable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment. Engineered and manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defence Group in the United States, the Archer 1200 is the world’s strongest and most effective portable vehicle barrier.


Initially Meridian began creating fixed solutions mainly for military use, however a need for a portable solution became ever-present and thus the Archer 1200 was born. Through the evident changes to global threat levels and the prevalence of vehicle attacks on the rise in recent years, a significant number of stakeholders are seeking a rapid solution which suits the smaller time frame of annual events. The Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barrier has a wide diversity of deployment options making it suitable to different environments and threat levels.

Most recently the Archer 1200’s have been seen at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Securing the site entry was a necessity for the 2019 event and was complete by strategically deploying 20 Archer barriers. The barriers could be seen at two critical entry points of the show, with emergency access cables put into play. Over the 12 day event patrons noticed the barriers and were left feeling a sense of security.


AML Risk Management have supplied portable barriers to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and intend on continuing the provision hostile vehicle solutions. “Breach by hostile vehicle is a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly” says Managing Director Andrew Duffy who over-saw the recent deployment at the Sydney Show.

Deployment configurations are determined and explained in a free no-obligation assessment. Deployment times, environment, threat levels and access are all factors considered during the process of assessing an event or location in order to deploy the barriers in the most beneficial way. To enquire or discuss your mitigation needs telephone 03 9326 2244 or email To learn more about the Archer 1200 visit

AML Risk Management – for real Planning, Protection and Prevention.

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