Summer Market – Planned to Protect

Summer is well and truly here and has brought with it a stimulating variety of festivals, markets and concerts. Australians are embracing the heat by staying outdoors in the warm evenings with the events on offer providing entertainment and the perfect place to unwind. This event season has seen concerts with sounds from across the decades such as electronic music, rock and classical meaning anyone and everyone can find something to suit their taste. There is no shortage of food either with the extraordinarily diverse range on offer thanks to weekend and evening markets supplying authentic cuisines from around the globe.

The South Melbourne Market has this year, once again, hosted its annual Night Market. Entertainment is available for all ages, with a smorgasbord of food on offer. As the market draws to a close with its final night taking place on the 28th of February, crowds have noticed the new safety feature lining the perimeter of the event site.


22 Archer 1200 portable anti-vehicle barriers have secured the 2019 night market since this year’s first event. The portable barriers are designed to stand against modern-day threats to public safety and are the strongest and most effective portable barrier in the world. Meridian Rapid Defence Group in the US began creating portable barriers in the defence sector over a decade ago with the first design, an anchored barrier system, intended for use at military facilities. Changing circumstances world-wide meant that there became a global need for access to a more mobile solution and thus the Archer 1200 was born.

In early 2018 the Archer 1200’s made their debut appearance in Melbourne at the South Melbourne Markets Mussel and Jazz festival. Since then the barriers have been used at events such as the Police Remembrance march, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight and the ANZAC Day Dawn Service held in Torquay.

The archer 1200 is modular by design with configurations able to adapt based on the environment and changing threat levels. Any movements of the barriers weighing an impressive 400kg, can be accomplished and complete within minutes by just 1-2 people through the use of purpose-built equipment. Organisers everywhere are opting for the Archer 1200 due to its rapid deployment times and user-friendly installation. Other vehicle mitigating solutions which have been used previously and are not as effective as the Archer 1200, have proven to be costly with time-consuming and complicated deployment processes. Meridian Rapid Defence Group have engineered and manufactured the Archer 1200 with a clear understanding that when preparing for an event, time is of the essence.

AML Risk Management understand that each event and location are unique with specific requirements. By completing a consultation and site assessments a tailor-made plan and quote can be provided to anyone considering hostile vehicle mitigation. For more information please visit To book your no obligation consultation call 03 9326 2244 and ask for Barrier Coordinator, Emerald Forrest or email us at

AML Risk Management – for real Planning, Protection and Prevention.


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