Proudly Protecting Pride – Anti-Vehicle Barriers Secure Midsumma March

Sweltering temperatures failed to deter participants and spectators from attending the 2019 Midsumma Pride March on Sunday 3rd of February 2019. Thousands lined the streets to show their support to the LGBTQIAP+ community. The Parade commenced with a thrilling display from the Dykes on Bikes group. With their roaring engines marking the first wave of marchers, spectators edged as close as possible to the parade and cheered as the colourful bike procession made its way down Fitzroy Street towards Catani Gardens.

Each year Midsumma Pride March has attracted crowds from all across Victoria, with a remarkable number of businesses and organisations participating in the event. Victoria Police had a more than 150 officers taking part in the march, escorted by the distinctive sounds of the Victoria Police Pipe Band. Life Saving Victoria also had significant involvement in the event with representatives distributing refreshing ice tea as an aid to the extreme heat.

Midsumma Pride March had a dedicated team coordinating the logistics of the parade. With such a large number of participants all hands were on deck to ensure the event operations ran without a hitch and all were pleased with the celebration.


Since beginning portable hostile vehicle barrier deployments in 2018, the Midsumma Pride March required the largest deployment of Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barriers completed by AML Risk Management. 40 of the resilient barriers were placed at the beginning and end of the Fitzroy Street parade route, with a few of them aiding other mitigating technology discreetly on side streets.

In January 2019, 18 Archer 1200 barriers were added to the 22 units based in Melbourne. The increase comes after a rise in demand for hostile vehicle mitigation barriers required to secure events. In 2018 the first fleet of 18 Archer barriers made their debut appearance in Melbourne at the South Melbourne Markets 2018 Mussel and Jazz Festival. Since this first deployment the barriers have begun to appear across Melbourne and were also a part of Australia Day celebrations in South Perth.


“Hostile vehicle intrusion is an ongoing threat that shouldn’t be ignored” says AML Risk Managements Managing Director Andrew Duffy. “The duty of care to patrons at any event should involve considering and adapting to the possibility of breach by hostile vehicle”.

AML Risk Management Pty Ltd are able to complete a detailed assessment for any location or event considering implementing hostile vehicle barriers. For more information on the Archer 1200 anti-vehicle barriers please visit If you would like to discuss a free no-obligation quote or assessment please contact barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest on 03 9326 2244 or email

AML Risk Management – for real Planning, Protection and Prevention.

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