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Since last week we have seen several more traumatic and tragic episodes attributed to ‘terrorism’.

Firstly there was the London attack – again on London Bridge. As previously a vehicle was used to ram pedestrians, but this time the multiple assailants – 3 individuals – leapt out of the van after its initial trajectory into the crowds and commenced to stab and wound innocent random victims. The London Metropolitan police responded within minutes and the three attackers were shot dead. Unfortunately in that chilling estimated 8 minutes two young Australians were senselessly killed.


From a security preparation and prevention perspective, such attacks are difficult to deal with. Vehicle barriers designed to stop such attacks can be deployed but it is not possible to cover all areas. In these cases constant intel and monitoring of persons of interest is simply mandatory.

The incident in Brighton, in Melbourne’s plush suburban belt is a similar situation. The individual who staged the siege was well known to Police having served jail time and having an extensive petty criminal past. He was actually on parole and as such subject to mandatory reporting. Unfortunately the Parole Board and those in ASIO monitoring him were not in contact.


In essence the incidents to date in Australia have, with the exception of the Hallam Police Station attack, all been carried by individuals with both mental health issues, drug issues and criminal pasts.

The real concern is to be prepared for a preplanned military scale terrorist attack on a major sporting venue, shopping centre, music event or transport hub.

There are positive, genuine, practical steps using purpose designed equipment and trained Emergency Response Personnel that can be instituted by the management of such facilities and relevant Government Authorities.


AML Risk Management are well positioned to plan, implement and deploy a range of technology with the ability to detect, contain and secure venues from such attacks. With a combination of state of the art equipment like the Evolv walk through scanner and the portable Detectachem units, combined with well structured, well practiced Emergency Response procedures, AML Risk Management provides real protection and real security for events and high traffic locations.

Call now on 03 9326 2244 for further information. Be safe, be sure. Call AML Risk Management now.

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