Provide real protection against vehicular assault – Crash Barriers

AML Risk Management have recently investigated and tested a range of Crash Barriers specifically designed to foil both deliberate quasi terror attacks such as in Marseilles and Berlin whereby trucks were driven into large crowds of pedestrians, the London Bridge Van Attacks or as was the case in Melbourne earlier this year where a deranged individual drove through lunchtime crowds of pedestrians, killing 6 and injuring many more when he veered down through the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne and careened on up Bourke Street until crashing. Crash Barriers can provide significant protection from such actions.

There are a range of rapid deploy modular security barriers available. Archer Barriers (pictured) provide flexible set-up fixed in place barriers at entry points, roadways and on perimeters. The set up is what is known as a ‘Rapid Gate’. This is often used by the military, energy and hotel industry sectors. It is non-electric, non-hydraulic and maintenance free. Drop and Stop barriers, the third option are made from ballistic rated steel and are capable of stopping a truck travelling at over 30mph weighing over 6 tonnes. The equipment in each case is fully mobile, non-electric, ballistics rated and fully modular.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.31.16 pm

There are a wide range of applications including Sports Areas, Public Malls and Shopping Centres, large outdoor events, Transit Hubs and many other potential risk areas.

In the US such equipment has been utilised at the Grammy Awards ceremony, the New Orleans Mardi Gras and at the Ports of Long Beach and San Diego. In combat zones, the equipment has been used in Afghanistan at Kandahar Airfield. It has been used around Shell Oil Refineries where quick deployment can be required in response to terror warnings and threats.

Archer Barriers


The Archer Barriers come in 3 size applications – Archer 750, Archer 1000 and Archer 1200 (pictured).

All barriers can be deployed rapidly with 1-2 men, used singularly, staggered or in formation. The units can be bolted together or anchored into the ground. All fulfil the highest US Government Safety and Ballistics Ratings. All are fully re-usable after impact. Suitable safety signage and decals can be applied.

Archer Active Gate

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.10.26 pm

  • A rapidly deployable gate designed for light traffic entranceways and built to prevent entrance pointbreaches by trucks and light vehicles.
  • Two-point connection interfaces allow the protective netting to be released from the right or left side, or be removed temporarily to allow vehicle access to a facility.

Archer Beam Gate

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.10.31 pm

  • A rapidly deployable beam gate designed for heavy traffic entranceways and built to prevent entrance point breaches by trucks and light vehicles.
  • The beam gate offers a protective woven net and a counterweight balanced beam that are easily lifted to allow vehicle access.

Archer Beam Gate Plus System

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.13.13 pm

Archer 1200 Barriers can be placed in front of the Archer Rapid Beam Gate to force approaching vehicles to slow down.

The Barriers can be transported, deployed and removed by AML Risk Management with minimal disruption.

Please contact AML Risk Management for further details, costing and availability. Where real prevention and response ensure real protection for the public and your clients.

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