Invasion Day Rally 2021

Invasion Day Rally saw thousands take to Melbourne’s streets.

As crowds marched through Melbourne’s CBD, AML Risk Management were out protecting Victorian Police with 62 certified Archer 1200 mobile anti-vehicle barriers.

The Archer 1200 barriers are quick to deploy and can adapt to any situation.

Archer 1200 Barriers The Today Show Channel 9

Archer 1200 Mobile Anti-Vehicle Barriers protecting outside street diners across The City Of Melbourne.

AML Risk Management along side The City Of Melbourne have made Covid safe outdoor dining areas possible by using the Archer 1200 Mobile Anti-Vehicle Barriers. The outdoor dining areas have allowed restaurant owners to increase their capacities to adhere to Covid-19 restrictions by expanding their footprints onto the streets of Melbourne. With restaurants being one of the hardest industries hit by Covid-19, the actions of The City Of Melbourne have allowed the restaurants to reopen their doors and reemploy thousands of Victorians across Melbourne. It has also allowed Victorians to enjoy the wonderful food that Melbourne has to offer in a safe environment protected by the Archer 1200 Barriers.

Meridian Helping Bring Businesses Back

Business owners are able to let out a sigh of relief as Meridian Rapid Defense Group continues to secure vehicle-free restaurant zones in the U.S. and Canada.
Its business as usual now as a popular Niagara Falls dining area has implemented outdoor dining, allowing local restaurants to re-open their doors.

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Vehicle Safety for Outdoor Dining

AML Risk Management have received Outdoor Dining Protocols (below) from our counterpart in the U.S.
Meridian Rapid Defense Group have not long ago begun deploying Archer 1200 barriers in outdoor dining settings.
The unprecedented move to provide Archer 1200 barriers for diners came into effect as restaurants began to expand their footprints to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.

Outdoor Dining Protocol

AML Taps Military and Civilian Security Expert to Facilitate Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Planning Across Australia

Operations Specialist brings expertise in emergency planning as well as first line response.

Security firm AML Risk Management announces the addition of Glenn Brown as an in-house resource in emergency response management. Mr. Brown brings more than 20 years of experience in both military and civilian safety systems including incident investigations, procedures, risk analysis and management training. AML looks to expand its professional portfolio as it ramps up resources to address hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) needs across the country.

With a National Terrorism Threat Advisory level currently listed as “probable,” Australian terrorist experts warn against complacency toward vehicles being used as weapons of terror. Earlier this year, counter-terrorism lecturer and former Australian Federal Police officer Mark Briskey told The Australian replacing old technology needed to be a top priority as it was a “reasonable assumption” that Australia would see more vehicular attacks. He went on to add, “If people don’t move on with their security from this and look at best practice and how other people have done it, whether it’s in London or Israel, there are going to be big problems.”IMG_5084

Mr. Brown, a sergeant in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), brings exactly the in-field expertise to deal with today’s modern threats. As the team leader for the Control Risk Group (CRG) in Afghanistan, he led the Australian Ambassador’s security detail which entailed direct safety of the Australian Ambassador and associated personal of the Australian Diplomatic mission to Afghanistan as well as route planning management, venue reconnaissance and assessments, training of local nationals employed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) and training expatriates on the Personal Security Teams (PST) teams in order to maintain high skill levels and remain abreast of the security situations in Kabul, Afghanistan and the Middle Eastern region.

Mr. Brown’s credentials also include important domestic capabilities including work with Australian regulatory bodies like Safe Work, Department of Mines and Petroleum and the Gold Stealing Detection Unit (GSDU). His work has included the monitoring and enhancement of mines rescue plans for each UG, surface operation and first-line response to all emergency activities on site.

“Glenn provides a vital understanding of how to assess situations and plan for the best possible protection from modern-day threats,” said AML Risk Management Managing Director Andrew Duffy. “This knowledge and planning needs to be available across all of Australia.”

That sentiment is shared by Dr. Briskey, who has said that suburbs of major Australian cities and regional cities and towns could become more attractive targets. “A large regional centre — be it somewhere from Tamworth, to Wollongong, to Geelong — they’ll seek other centres outside of capital cities,” he recently said to ABC News. “Large shopping malls, weekend sporting events, weekend markets — all of these, unfortunately, can become alternative targets.”

AML Risk Management has prepared to meet these needs with the recent expansion of its vehicle barrier fleet to 450 units. The security company utilized the Archer® 1200 barriers designed and manufactured by MERIDIAN® Rapid Defense Group. Along with the PAS 68 certification, the Archer® barriers are designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the United States’ SAFETY Act by the Department of Homeland Security. The designation of the SAFETY Act protects users around the world in the event of terror incident resulting in litigation. More information on the Safety Act can be found at

“We are excited to have Glenn join the partnership with AML and Meridian,” said MERIDIAN® CEO Peter Whitford. “Our company origins started in the defense industry and his background is a perfect match as we begin to set and establish new HVM standards in the Australian marketplace.”

Mr. Brown will serve primarily as the Manager for activities in Perth and Western Australia. His expertise will also guide on HVM strategic planning across the rest of Australia and New Zealand.

AML Risk Management have been providing security services for over a decade. With extensive capabilities from the highly-skilled and trained Asset Protection Unit (APU) and Emergency Management Teams, the Archer® 1200 barriers are a welcomed addition to the security services available at AML Risk Management. Managing Director Andrew Duffy and barrier coordinator Emerald Forrest have worked closely with Global CEO of MERIDIAN® Rapid Defence Group Mr. Peter Whitford, in order to provide precise assessments to clients for the Archer® 1200 barriers.

Emerald Forrest
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Deciding on the right safety equipment can be a time consuming and worrying task for many stakeholders looking to maintain the safety of their people and the public.


We are excited to announce that the Department of Homeland Security have chosen to advance the Archer 1200 from a Designated item to its highest level of Certification under the United States’ Safety Act. Taking the stress out of the decision, organizers can now choose and rest assured that the Archer 1200 will separate vehicles from people and continue to make people, places and communities safe.

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