Melbourne Outdoor Dining

Archer 1200 Mobile Anti-Vehicle Barriers safeguarding outdoor street diners across The City of Melbourne.

AML Risk Management in collaboration with The City of Melbourne, have been safeguarding outdoor street diners across Melbourne. The Archer 1200 Barriers have made Covid safe outdoor dining areas possible as Melbourne makes its way out of lockdown.

The collaboration formed when the F&B Industry’s livelihood was heavily impacted by Covid-19; The City of Melbourne’s attention towards bettering the struggles of the industry have allowed restaurant to reopen their doors and reemploy thousands of Victorians across Melbourne.

The outdoor dining areas have allowed restaurant owners to increase their capacities by bringing their dining experience onto the streets of Melbourne while adhering to the Covid-19 restrictions.

It has also allowed Victorians to enjoy the wonderful food that Melbourne has to offer as we come into the summer festive season, in a safe environment protected by the Archer 1200 Barriers.

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