AFL Finals across Australia – preparations underway.


For Melburnians, September means AFL Finals – Australian Rules Football at its best. But these days the final series extends right across Australia as AFL is now truly a National Code. In recent years Finals matches have been played in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. The Grand Final remains the ultimate in crowd drawing fixtures. Each year no matter which teams are competing, the MCG looks at holding just on 100,000 people. This is an enormous crowd. Interstate Finals draw up to 50,000 people.

With changing circumstances worldwide, hostile Vehicle Attacks remain a possibility. Last year on Grand Final Day a young unlicensed driver drove his family’s small SUV sedan erratically up and down Swanston St and in a thoroughly threatening manner on the Swanston St – Flinders St intersection directly outside Melbourne’s major Transport Hub, Flinders St Station. Police acted decisively and no person was injured. The culprit was found to be severely, undiagnosed autistic teenager 16 years of age, dressed in camouflage fatigues carrying an extendable baton.


This year there are likely to be Finals matches in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Over a five week period, culminating in the Grand Final in Melbourne held at the MCG. On the Friday before Grand Final, the annual Grand Final Parade will occur on the streets of Melbourne’s CBD.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is an item likely to be high on the various event’s organisers agendas. With thousands of people thronging in crowds to reach the game, it is good to be mindful of potential risks.

One of the best options is the Meridian Defence Group’s specially designed Crash Barriers.


AML Risk Management are the Australian providers of the Meridian Defence Group’s Crash Barriers – the Archer 1200 system. The Archer 1200 system has been deployed here in Melbourne at the South Melbourne Market for the Mussels and Jazz Festival, as well as at several Anzac Day Commemoration events. These events attracted large pedestrian crowds. The Archer 1200 units provide real protection from hostile vehicles. A vehicle weighing 1.5 tonnes travelling at 30mph is stopped instantly and effectively by these barriers.

The Archer 1200 units can be easily deployed by one or two persons as well as demounted in the same manner.

With significant crowds gathering in places not specifically designed for crowd movement there is real need to protect such people from hostile vehicles.

To arrange a free no-obligation quotation or simply to facilitate an informational consultation please call 9326 2244 and ask for M/s Emerald Forrest, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Supervisor or her colleague M/s Irene Rentifis. Emerald can provide an accurate assessment and analysis of your event’s exposure to hostile vehicle intrusion and recommend strategies to protect your event and its patrons.

AML Risk Management – for real Planning, Protection and Prevention.


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