Meridian Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Crash Barriers – Safe, Simple to Install Temporary Crash Barriers

The Meridian Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems are now available here in Australia. AML Risk Management are the exclusive agents for these simple and effective Crash Barrier Systems. Recently used at the very well attended Mussels and Jazz Festival at the South Melbourne Market in Dorcas St as well as at Anzac Ceremonies, the units are easy to install and remove. Highly portable, the Meridian Barriers can be placed effectively in a very short period of time by one or two people.


The Barriers require no power source, do not use hydraulics, are maintenance free and are totally reusable after impact. The units are non-lethal, designed using heavy duty material.

The Meridian Anti-Vehicle Barriers meet all standards set by the US Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security guidelines. Effectively the barriers will, in a minimum of time, harden the perimeters surrounding high traffic/pedestrian areas.

Please watch this video demonstrating the Archer 1200 Anti Vehicle Barrier and its deployment.

The Meridian Rapid Defence Group who have manufactured the Archer 1200 Barriers have submitted the units to rigorous testing – including stopping vehicles travelling at 48km/h, weighing 1.5 tonnes. The units have also been fired on using 50 calibre ballrounds, again remaining effective and capable of mitigating hostile vehicles.

The Meridian Anti Vehicle Barriers have passed and been certified as meeting the European Publicly Available Specifications Security Standard.


For further information or a practical demonstration of the units please contact AML Risk Management on 03 9326 2244 (Ask for M/s Emerald Forrest) or leave your details here for a prompt response.

For further information and videos demonstrating the Meridian Vehicle Mitigation Systems please click here and you will be linked to the appropriate page on the AML Risk Management website.

Remember with AML Risk Management, Planning and Prevention result in complete Protection. Call now for a free no-obligation quote on all our services.

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