Anzac Day – AML to install Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

In Australia today Anzac Day provides an unwelcome enigma. For people who see Australia as part of a Western Coalition that has become embroiled in Middle East politics at great expense to the populations of places like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Lebanon, the Anzac Day ceremonies may well be a target – more so the Dawn Service at Gallipoli in Turkey.

ANZAC day.jpg

It is however still a proposition that requires planning, protection and ultimately prevention here in Australia. AML Risk Management is at the forefront of such planning and this Anzac Day will provide Hostile Vehicle Mitigation at several dawn services.


AML Risk Management use the Meridian Crash Barrier Systems exclusively. The Meridian Crash Barriers are highly portable, easy to deploy and simple to remove. The Meridian Crash Barrier will bring a vehicle travelling at 50km/h to a dead stop.

Please take the time to watch this video…

For further information on the Meridian Crash Barrier System please click here.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a commonsense priority. As has been evidenced in Melbourne in 2017, even without terrorist activity, there are significant risks for pedestrians in the CBD and nearby populated areas.


AML Risk Management offers real planning, real prevention and ultimately real protection.

profile picCall now on 03 9326 2244 for a free consultation on your next major event or street activity. Open market events, street festivals, sporting events and large festive events of any kind – protect your patrons with the Meridian Crash Barrier Systems supplied by, installed and removed with little or no fuss – by AML Risk Management.

Specialists in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. Always at the forefront in protecting the public and ensuring safety in public spaces.

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