Crash Barriers installed as South Melbourne Public Event

Last weekend saw the South Melbourne Market celebrate its annual ‘Mussels and Jazz Festival’. The event sees Cecil St closed to traffic and a range of food stalls operate around a central music stage. The street is closed between Coventry and York St and the event attracts large crowds over the weekend. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Crash Barriers were installed for the event this year by AML Risk Management.

The Crash Barriers can effectively stop a vehicle travelling at 50km/h completely. As can be seen it is a simple deployment, requiring minimal labour. The barriers are not intrusive and for most people they are hardly noticed.


The location provided a need for such equipment in that Cecil St in either direction would provide an unimpeded access for a hostile vehicle. The roundabouts could still be negotiated leaving hundreds of people vulnerable.

As can be seen the units are linked and provide a clear barrier to hostile vehicles. The Meridian System as installed by AML Risk Management can be viewed here.


No doubt at future street events and public gatherings the positioning of such crash barriers will become the norm. It is interesting to note that the 15 year old driver who terrorised Swanston St on Grand Final Day faced court this week. Described as a mute and deaf teen, the court was told the teenager suffered from severe autism and had the language skills of a 3-5 year old child. He would have had no comprehension of the impact of his actions and as such escaped jail.

Put simply had he hit a pedestrian he would most certainly have maimed or killed them. Whether he was a terrorist or not (he most definitely wasn’t), his actions put many people at serious risk. Crash Barriers (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems) ensure the safety of the public at large gatherings. They simply work.

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