Better Barriers Offer Better Security

AML Risk Management has exclusive access to the Meridian Group’s unique range of Crash Barriers.

Here we re-publish extracts from their website showing the equipment available, how and where it has been used, and it’s very real advantages in preparing for major events where ‘bump in, bump out’ equipment is required.

Meet the Archer 1200


Security is never a single product solution. Meridian Barriers fill a specific need that is simply unmatched by anything currently on the market. Strength and flexibility make them a vital component of your overall security plan. The Archer 1200 is the only solution that meets your needs.

The Archer 1200 is the only portable barrier solution to hold certifications in both the U.S. and European crash test standards.

Certified Results

The Archer 1200 has passed both the U.S. DOD and PAS 68 Crash Test with unanchored deployment on hard surfaces.

Rapid Deployment

Anyplace, anywhere. Our barriers provide unmatched stopping power with drop & stop convenience. No heavy equipment required. Portable design allows for quick response to changing threat levels or the need for emergency vehicle entry.

Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike fixed bollards, our barriers are non-lethal to the driver and minimize shrapnel spray. Maintenance free (requires no electricity or hydraulics), 100% Reusable and we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


Event Protection

Our products have been utilized in high profile public events like the Grammy Awards, sports venues, Ports of Long Beach, Shell Motiva Oil & Gas Refinery as well as military uses from Fort Wainwright, Alaska to Kandahar Air Force Base.


Meridian Arrestor Cables™


Meridian Arrestor Cables™ use technology from aircraft carriers to absorb the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle and pull the barriers into play for vehicle mitigation without loss of life. They are attached to barriers in 3 or 8-foot segments and can be up to 3-ply across a barrier span (3 cables strung between two barriers). The 8-foot cables are designed to be detached to allow emergency vehicle entry if required.

Archer™ Ballistic Shield


A ballistically rated extension that provides additional security from ordinance and shrapnel. Attaches to the Archer 750 and Archer 1000 Barrier Systems. The two bolt connection interface allows the shield to be installed in minutes.

Archer™ Barrier Brace


This component may be added to the Archer 750 and Archer 1000 to provide additional stopping power for trucks and heavy duty vehicles. The brace is quickly installed with one bolt.

Tow Bar


A reciprocal handled, levered towing tool with variable height adjustment and two point, rapid connection interface. The tow bar easy grip handles allows on or two person teams to easily position the barriers in place.

Barrier Jack


A high strength steel lever that allows the Archer 500, 750 and 1000 barrier wheels to easily be engaged or disengaged.

Semi-pneumatic Wheels


Rugged, all-terrain semi-pneumatic wheel replacements for the Archer 500, 750 and 1000 barriers.

Installation Components

Earth Anchors


Meridian’s specialized helical pier earth anchors are easily installed with a small Bobcat, Easy Auger II or other common hydraulic equipment. The design of the anchors minimizes soil disturbance during the vibration-free installation. The anchors are self-screwing and install in any weather condition with no excavation or spoils to remove.

The Meridian Advantage

Meridian’s Archer™ 1000 and 1200 Barriers are perfect solutions for:

  • Event security
  • Site construction
  • CFATS compliance
  • Maintenance support for fixed systems
  • Highway and facility construction
  • Building and facility protection
  • Perimeters and entry ways that change on a regular basis
  • Locations without electric service
  • Extreme temperature and weather conditions
  • Locations without heavy equipment to install heavy or cumbersome temporary systems


Call AML Risk Management now on 03 9326 2244 or use our contact us page here to order the Meridian Portable Crash Barrier Systems.

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