Fire Risks Real for Major Events in Rural Areas

As Summer takes hold, it’s worth considering the likelihood of a particularly high fire danger for this year in rural Victoria.


The Victorian Government has released a cautionary warning to the population on the likelihood of an increased Fire Risk during the 2017/18 Summer period.

Above normal fire season forecast for Victoria

5 September, 2017

Conditions in Victoria appear likely to increase the risk of an above normal fire season, with a potentially earlier start in some parts of the state according to the latest Seasonal Bushfire Outlook released today.

The Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook, developed by the Bureau of Meteorology with fire and land managers, was released today, Tuesday, 5 September in New South Wales.

The outlook is used by emergency management agencies to make strategic decisions about the summer season, including fire preparedness.


Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the outlook was an early indication of what Victoria could expect in the summer season

“The severity of the fire season will depend on a number of factors, including the amount, location and timing of rain in the months leading up to summer,” he said.

“The early forecast shows there is underlying dryness in some areas of the state, particularly across central parts of Victoria and across the east

“While there is a lot of surface water, which means there will be grass growth and a healthy supply of water for crop growing, ground moisture has the potential to dry out quickly under dry and warm conditions.

“The level of risk in the October to December period will still depend on how much spring rain there is in September.”

Mr Lapsley said summer season preparations across emergency management agencies were well underway.


“Pre-season briefings for emergency management personnel will begin to rollout across Victoria so our people understand the seasonal outlook, know the risks, are prepared to respond to emergencies, working with our communities,” he said.

“It’s important that the community also begins their fire prevention works, plan early and act early. Use all of September, October and November to get ready and prepare your properties, yourself and your family.

“Forest Fire Management Victoria and CFA have brought forward preparedness activities, including the spring planned burning program.

“For spring, efforts will focus on reducing risk in the North East, Northern Country, North Central, the Mallee and the far South West districts.

“We are in this together – government, agencies, communities and business – and go into the summer season knowing we work best when we work collaboratively as a strong, capable sector with a focus on the best outcomes for the communities we serve.”

The Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook is published by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC).


As an integral part of its Emergency Response Services, AML Risk Management provides a range of Fire Suppression and Response services and tactics. For those planning large outdoor Summer events in rural settings – Music Festivals (such as the Falls Music Festival at Lorne), Concerts or large Community Events – Surf Carnivals, Picnics on the Green or Sporting Events such as the annual Murray River Water Skiing Marathon and the Cycling Classic, the Tour Down Under; this is a major consideration. A bushfire or grassfire through coastal scrub or open forest can be intense and ultimately devastating – a real threat to human life.

AML Risk Management Emergency Response Teams are suitably qualified and trained in:

  • Fire Control and Rescue Protocols
  • Aviation Fire Suppression
  • Decontamination
  • Industrial Fire Fighting – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced



AML Risk Management APUs (Asset Protection Units) are fully trained and competent in providing any event with required expertise in:

  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Practices
  • Alarm Raising, Professional Response
  • Identifying, classifying and responding to different fire types and sources
  • Correct usage and deployment of all Fire equipment and Extinguishers
  • Safe and Correct usage of Fire Hose Reels, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets
  • Understanding and applying the ‘Fire Triangle’ concept
  • Ensuring correct and mandatory Safety Procedures are adhered to in the fighting of any type of fire
  • All of the above are combined in the adoption and use of correct fire fighting tactics


When a large event is threatened by fire, there is the possibility of panic and chaos. AML Risk Management includes Fire Risk and Prevention protocols in its overall Emergency Management package when and if required.

AML Risk Management provide a swift and appropriate response to all emergency situations, with an informed handover to Emergency Services Personnel and the nominated Emergency Response Controller when activated. AML Risk Management remain as the client liaison for its clients until the particular emergency is controlled or resolved.

AML Risk Management – Preparation, Prevention, Protection

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