Gun Control and Protection of the Public

With the devastating event this week in Las Vegas whereby 59 people lost their lives and 500 were injured in a senseless mass shooting, the issue of Gun Control is firmly back on the agenda in the USA. Here in Australia, the Prime Minister of the time, John Howard, made a momentous decision after the terrible Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania on the 28-29th of April 1996.

Within a year the then Government had implemented the ‘National Firearms program Implementation Act 1996’ restricting the private ownership of high capacity semi automatic rifles, semi automatic shotguns and pump action shotguns as well as introducing uniform firearms licensing. The implementation was given full support by the Commonwealth States and Territories. Similar laws were passed in Britain in 1997 in response to the Dunblane massacre which occurred 6 weeks before the Port Arthur massacre.


In Australia there have been no mass shootings since the change in Gun Laws. Prior to the change in Gun Laws 13 mass shootings occurred in the previous 18 years (more than 4 people). Homicide rates have dropped 50%. The youth suicide rate where firearms are used has also dropped substantially.

The Shooter in Las Vegas had 23 weapons in the room and a mass of ammunition. Bullets were fired at up to 90 rounds every 10 seconds. He fired for over 10 minutes.

Rifles included AK47s and AR15s capable of delivering up to 935 rounds per minute. These were modified with ‘Bump Stocks’ enabling this type of firepower.


The US has uncontrolled Gun ownership. In Nevada, its legal to carry weapons on the street to some extent. Quite frankly, it’s a free for all. Not so in Australia thankfully, but we still have serious issues with illegal weapons. It’s imperative that these are detected before any such tragedies occur.

Hand Guns are illegal for most people in Australia, yet criminals smuggle many such weapons into Australia.

To achieve optimum safety at events, transport hubs and other locations AML have secured the rights to the Evolv detection system.

Watch the video on this new and effective weapons detection system. It’s silent, efficient and can identify large and small weapons. It’s designed to prevent ‘Mass Casualty Threats’. It can process 700 people per hour. It’s quick, it’s thorough. Unlike the units currently in use at Airports, Courthouses and similar locations, these units do not require coin, key trays or wanding. Weapons are identified in terms of size and locations on the carrier’s body. Green light or red light, it’s that simple.

Australia is one of the safest locations in the world in respect to gun crime. Using equipment such as Evolv will ensure that this remains the case.

profile picFor further information, please leave your contact details here on our website or call 03 9326 2244 to book an Evolv device for your location.

AML Risk Management – Detection means Protection

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