Updated Crash Barrier Report – Crash Barriers or Concrete Bollards?

Over the last few weeks there has been much discussion as to the usefulness or otherwise of ‘Bollards’, the description given to the large concrete blocks placed strategically around landmark locations and transport hubs in Australia’s Capital Cities. In the media, on Facebook and in the street, people all have an opinion.

At AML Risk Management, our interest is in providing the best options to safeguard the public from potential harm. This harm so far has specifically come from people who have demonstrated mental health issues. The key requirement, in terms of public space is stop persons using vehicles in a reckless and dangerous manner. It is not about a ‘policy decision’. It is about safety measures and safeguards for the public when exposed in vulnerable positions.

Here is a further report on the highest level vehicle mitigation barriers now available through AML Risk Management from the Meridian Group.

Archer Drop & Stop Vehicle Barriers Top US and European Crash Test Standards

Archer 1200 Receives PAS 68 Certification Becoming the Only Portable Barrier to Meet Anti-Terrorism Specifications

Pasadena, CA (July 6, 2017) – Meridian Rapid Defence Group (MRDG) announced that the Archer 1200 vehicle mitigation barrier has just received a passing certification on the European Publicly Available Specifications security standard known as the PAS 68. The barriers successfully stopped a 1500 kg vehicle travelling 48 kph becoming the only portable barrier to do so.

The Archer 1200 barriers already meet U.S. Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security guidelines and have demonstrated the ability to stop a malicious vehicle in fewer than 10 feet. The products have Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) certification and have been independently tested by engineering consultants at KPFF and Karco.


“Adding the European testing standard to the resume for the Archer 1200 is an important step for us in providing a rapid response security solution to countries in need,” said MRDG Founder and CEO Peter Whitford. “The U.S. has been very proactive in adding portable vehicle mitigation to sports venues, city centres and government buildings. We know that credentials that match their specifications will allow us to show their superiority over current marketplace options.”

Archer 1200 Barriers are portable, modular and require no electricity, hydraulics or maintenance. They are non-lethal and completely reusable after impact. With a HaulsAllTM jack, they are single-person deployable and easily moved to allow emergency vehicle access or to react to a changing developing need.

“When an attack happens, one of the first things to go in the area is power,” adds Mr. Whitford. “First responders can’t be held at bay with failed security systems. Speed is always the most critical element.”

Archer 1200 Barriers were recently employed in the city centre of New Orleans for the Mardi Gras parade. Painted a festive canary yellow, the barriers allowed free pedestrian flow through the streets while providing a solid perimeter to unwanted vehicles. The barriers are made of ballistic-rated steel for armour piercing NATO rounds up to .50 cal. ball rounds. This feature was required for deployment in Los Angeles for the 55th GRAMMY Awards as law enforcement was on heightened alert during the manhunt for rogue police officer Christopher Dorner.

MRDG products are also deployed at U.S. military installations including Fort Wainwright, Alaska and Kandahar Air Force Base; the ports of Long Beach and San Diego, Shell Motiva Oil & Gas Refinery and with the California Water Board.

AML Risk Management use Meridian Rapid Defence Group equipment.

MRDG is headquartered in Pasadena, CA and operates in the U.S., Europe, Asia and now Australia as perimeter security specialists. MRDG develops anti-vehicle barrier systems that are engineered for speed of deployment. The flexibility of the system allows tactical or military forces to quickly secure politically, economically or environmentally important sites for short and long durations. Their product line is focused on anchored and unanchored portable vehicle mitigation barriers as well as the supporting elements that ensure a fast and effective deployment.

These units are designed and purpose built. They are portable and reusable. And in our opinion at AML Risk Management they represent common sense.

Provide protection, prevention and preparation. The solutions are already available.


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